What is Visibility Guru?

We were tired of seeing people overpay for spammy strategies with no transparency so we decided to create a company that cares. With over a combined decade of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization, Visibility Guru is a consultant, marketing manager, and agency all in one. One that values authentic internet marketing practices and believes in helping service-based businesses reach their online goals with honest advice, website changes, and tracking.

Visibility Guru is your answer to all the frustrations you have felt about potential customers not being able to find your services on the web.

Founder Message

In 2017, the trends and data are constantly changing and it can be a jungle to manage and understand all the inner workings of digital marketing. It is not enough to only exist online anymore and our goal is to give you the best opportunities possible to get visible and succeed. When Visibility Guru began last year we knew we wanted to work with organizations and companies that help people. This is why we focus on businesses that are marketing to humans and can provide a more holistic approach. A strong belief in educating and showing our clients how to grow on their own is often what sets us apart. Consulting you and your team so that you can eventually grow independently. I hope you will find our site informative and I encourage you to contact us and subscribe to be kept updated of advice and insights that are of interest to you.

All the best,



Sarah Lugo

What makes us different?

Our approach is to set you up for success by creating and implementing strategies that enable you and your content to be found online. First setting up website tracking, looking at competitor data, and searchable keywords. We create an understandable plan to improve your online presence. Unlike most SEO strategists, we make a plan that takes into account your brand and company image, your marketing goals and the user experience. Once we work together to implement that plan, we show you how it is done. We guide you so that you can continue to create content that is searchable all on your own!