July 7, 2017

5 Benefits of SEO Growth

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Today, a potential client asked about the benefits of search engine optimization. Most can agree, it can be an investment. So what exactly is the return on investment? For some insight, here are the top benefits of SEO growth:

1) Exposure
When your site can be found online it means it will have more viewers. This increase in traffic creates a presence to those who are searching for your product online. Standing out in a crowd of competitors is what can be provided when optimizing for search. Brand awareness is something to keep in mind as well. When a potential customer hears of your brand name but cannot recall your website URL name, a similar search for your product and be a reminder.

2) Credibility
People trust Google to provide authoritative results. Part of search engine success is that they are catering to the users by providing the most relevant results. SEO gives that credibility to your site. Having your website in the search results can show you have an influence and recognition.

3) Usability
Part of optimization is creating a site that is user-friendly in order to keep the users time spent on the site up (a lower bounce rate). This includes elements like mobile friendly design, page speed, relevant content, and security. User experience is now one of the biggest ranking factors in SEO.

4) Tracking
Knowing the demographics as to who is searching viewing your page and give you insights as to what is working and what is not. For example, if you are doing a marketing campaign, your analytics can show the traffic increase or decrease to test the success of your marketing.

5) Target Customers
If your users are finding the content that appears in their search result to be relevant to what they are looking for they are more likely to convert to a sale. This is why keyword phrases can be so important. For example, being searchable for “organic cold brew coffee in Orlando” will get your specific ideal client while only being searchable for “coffee Orlando” may yield more traffic, but less relevant traffic.

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